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Return To Forever Returns 2CD 2009

Artist…..: Return To Forever
Title……: Returns
Label……: Eagle Rock Records
Genre……: Fusion
Size…….: 204.9 MB



01 – Opening Prayer 02:04
02 – Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy 03:44
03 – Vulcan Worlds 13:45
04 – Sorceress 11:22
05 – Song To The Pharaoh Kings 27:14
06 – Al`s Solos 08:54
07 – No Mystery 08:53


01 – Friendship (Chick’s Solo) 08:53
02 – Romantic Warrior 07:20
03 – El Bayo De Negro (Stanley’s Solo) 11:26
04 – Lineage (Lenny’s Solo) 07:39
05 – Romantic Warrior 03:03
06 – Duel Of The Jester And The Tyrant 14:04
07 – 500 Miles High 12:48
08 – BBC Lifetime Achievement 08:20

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The 2008 reunion of Return to Forever’s classic mid-1970s line-up
marked an extraordinary event for fans of progressive jazz fusion.
The band built their reputation on the mind-boggling chemistry of
pianist Chick Corea, bassist Stanley Clarke, … Full
Descriptiondrummer Lenny White, and guitarist Al Dimeola. That
chemistry proves as explosive as ever 20 years after the group
first dazzled audiences with their complex, rock-influenced
hybrids. The two-disc set RETURNS features live recordings from
Return to Forever’s reunion tour, boasting such classics as “Hymn
of the Seventh Galaxy” and “The Romantic Warrior.” There is, as
one might guess, no shortage of stretching out from each of these
four jazz luminaries.

Return To Forever: Al Di Meola (guitars, acoustic guitar, electric
guitar); Chick Corea (piano, keyboards, synthesizer); Stanley
Clarke (acoustic bass, upright bass, electric bass, bass guitar);
Lenny White (drums, percussion).

Return To Forever Returns 2CD 2009

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