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Solarsoul   Shining Sleep Episode 011

Artist: VA
Title: Shining Sleep Episode 011
Released: 01 February, 2009
Quality: mp3 256 kbps
Genre: Ambient,Chillout
Size: 221 MB


02.Oliver Breidenbach – Abendrot (Le Andre Chillout mix)
03.Deportrance – Panorama (Exclusive Track)
04.ID – ID
05.Christian Rusch – The Promise
06.Lukas Termena – Lost in Admiration
07.Ryan Kite – Your Heart (Manendra chillout mix)
08.Mixman – A glimpse of time (Exclusive Track)
09.Santiago Nino – Just You (Original Mix)
10.Chris Zippel – Again (feat. Adel Tawil)
11.J Punch – Away Your Life (Chill mix)
12.Apple&Stone – Enigmatical (Exclusive Track)
13.PRG – Lonely Mood (Exclusive Track)
14.ID – ID
15.Night & Day – Silence
16.Anhken – Pean (Exclusive Track)
17.Marco Torrance – Fragrance Of Sky
18.Natalie Aprille – Johny Says
20.Velvet Girl Colin Replay – Show Me The Way (Domenico Cascarino & Luca Lombardi ambient version)
21.Thierry David – Mahal kita (I Love You)
22.Timecode feat Zak – Enigma Machine
23.Graphite – seagulls singing your name (Exclusive Track)
24.OLIVER V. – One day in paradise (Exclusive Track)
25.OLIVER V. – Time after time (Original) (Exclusive Track)
26.Ambysphere – End of sunrise

Solarsoul – Shining Sleep Episode 011

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