To add news

To create news, you must be registered on the site, and authentication. Log in Profile Management. Consider the 2 options for the creation of recording (when in a news release one, and when a few)

To zoom in, press the left mouse button

If in a single news release:

1) Follow on, 1 (create a new news)


2) Follow for 2, insert name

3) Follow the on 3, (go to the HTML)

4) Enter the 4, (pictures)

4.1) Follow the 4.1 to choose an image from your computer, measuring 300 ? 300 format of the format jpg, png, no more than 45 kb, if for some reason, does not work you have flash, then follow the 4.2

4.3) Follow 4.3, insert the name of that paragraph 2

4.4) Follow 4.4, insert the name of that paragraph 2

4.5) Follow 4.5, exhibits at the center

4.6) Follow 4.6, put in the record, if for some prichiine, uploaded another picture, follow 4.7

5) You will see the following

5.1) Activate the image (follow the 5.1), and you will see 5.2

5.2) Follow the 5.3 and get

5.3) Activate mode HTML (paragraph 3) and after the existing code image insert pattern that is below, and fill the selected text. For music, it looks like this:

<b>Artist:</b> ()
<b>Title:</b> ()
<b>Quality:</b> ()
<b>Tracks:</b> ()
<b>Total Time:</b> ()
<b>Size:</b> ()

</span><code>" target="_blank"></a> /

6) Follow 6, insert the name of the item 2

7) Follow the 7, insert description of item 2

8) Follow the 8 key words (artist, track title)

9) Follow 9, specify the desired category (if needed – more

10) Follow the 10 keywords (artist, track title) and add

11) Follow the 11 to see your listing before submitting for approval

12) Follow the 12, sending for approval

An example of the correct news:

If you formatted correctly, it will be published shortly. Prior to the news, make sure with the help of search – that it was not published. If you have a desire to constantly make news, please contact us using the contact form, type your nickname.

If in a few news releases:

Comply with paragraph 1-2, and proceed to follow in paragraph 5.3, and prepare the text as follows:
</span><code>" target="_blank">
Artist – (album or single)</a><br>
</span><code>" target="_blank">
Artist – (album or single)</a><br>
</span><code>" target="_blank">
Artist – (album or single)</a><br>

An example of the correct news: